How to light a kamado bbq grill

Kamado grill as a new feature grill, body made of ceramic, can smoke, bake, sear, char-grill. It is winter now, put a kamado grill in the yard, invite your friends to show them your superb cooking skills.

First, please check the casters are fixed, the kamado grill is on flat ground.

Second, open your kamado grill, lift the ceramic lid, open the top cap, open the damper.

Third, remove the cooking grid, put the coals on the cast iron grate.

Start fire

  1. we can get a lighter fluid, soak some small wood chips 10 minutes then put them on the coals, let fire easy burning.
  2. Use a charcoal lighter, this is a nice tooling to burn any charcoal, normally need 10-15 minutes.
  3. Use a charcoal chimney, dip the newspaper into oil, place it in the bottom of the chimney, light the paper to let small charcoal burn first.
burn the coals

Prepare for cooking food

When the coal is red, add the cooking grid, be sure you are wearing the gloves well, protect your hands, then close the ceramic lid, but keep the top cap and damper open. At this time, you can observe the temperature via the thermometer, brush a little oil on the grid surface, place your food on it, start your barbecue time.

  • Add new coals every 30-60 minutes, it depends on your food cooking time.
  • Don’t close grill lid immediately if just pour the oil directly on the food, it is dangerous.

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