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People need know composition of kamado grill

A list of kamado grill ,tell people the useful composition and how to use them. Top vent. New design ! Aluminum alloy move very smooth . Smoking come and out very fantastic. Thermometer gauge  Basis part of grill, steel material  You can know the ceramic inner cooking status through it. Lock  safety device.    Hinge iron with black coating. Most of kamado grill hinge use three springs to hold the heavy ceramics , it can release your finger, easy open and close. charcoal basket stainless steel material collect all coals , if you only need fire one people food ,just need add half of the space.  cooking grid stainless steel 304# material, pass food safety test, use 6MM thinckness grid can fire at least 10 KG food.   A nice kamado ,connect white top with blue body. want to import your grill welcome to do customized grill Click Here

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How to import charcoal grill from China?

In the market, we can find three kinds of Charcoal grills. Steel grill, iron grill, ceramic grill.  Ceramic grill is the new one in this field. but it does bring the fresh taste. The various health benefits of food cooked in grills are likely to project high sales of kamado grills.The US is one of the biggest kamado markets globally and  In European markets like Germany, The Netherland, and Spain, The UK is in demand for innovative and efficient products.   As you can imagine, they grow very quickly and are still a profitable industry.  Kamado style is made of clay, as the new feature outdoor kitchen cooker, Popular brand like Kamado Joe, Big Green Egg, and Grill Dome, are sold in supermarkets, and shops, and even people can find some brands sell in Amazon. the prices from 99.99 to 19,999.   Meantime, many cooking videos and tips are shared on website. Are these grills still worth to import into your country? The answer is yes! As a new beginner, here are some important and useful factors need to consider. 1. export fee, check import tax acceptable or not . Once you decide where you want to import from, you must  check with your local customs authority to determine if there are any restrictions or fees associated with importing from that country. If you can not handle this, you can ask your local agent to help you. 2. Regarding The shipping fees, in recent years the fee ups and downs very

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8 tips when purchase kamado grill

In the market, there are so many kinds of grills you can choose, like gas grills, charcoal grill ,electric grill, and each style grill have different brands , each brand has different feature, you can not make any decision immediately. Now, we have 8 tips to help people to find the wonderful kamado charcoal grill. Check the grill specification. As a ceramic grill, retains excellent heat is the advantage, the wall thickness is very important data. Small grill thickness should be from 15mm to 20mm. Large grill should be from 25mm to 35mm. Check the size of grill, different suppliers may have different standard . For example ,you always can find a medium 18inch kamado , 18inch may inner diamater of ceramic body or outer diamater or even cooking grid ,then your cooking space will have a big difference. Check the appearance, kamado grill surface is made of ceramic glazing water, mixed with kinds of natural materials. they will be fired under 800-1500 degree high temperature. so when you find some small crack in the surface ,do not worry, it is safety. but you should check inner if any broken in the bottom of damper , or the edge of ceramic. Check the hinge, you need open and close the kamado lid at least 10 times, You can feel is it easy open and close, no noisy happens, and when you open with handle, shake with handle, it should be very stable, and the lid should not fall down. Check

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How to light a kamado bbq grill

Kamado grill as a new feature grill, body made of ceramic, can smoke, bake, sear, char-grill. It is winter now, put a kamado grill in the yard, invite your friends to show them your superb cooking skills. First, please check the casters are fixed, the kamado grill is on flat ground. Second, open your kamado grill, lift the ceramic lid, open the top cap, open the damper. Third, remove the cooking grid, put the coals on the cast iron grate. Start fire we can get a lighter fluid, soak some small wood chips 10 minutes then put them on the coals, let fire easy burning. Use a charcoal lighter, this is a nice tooling to burn any charcoal, normally need 10-15 minutes. Use a charcoal chimney, dip the newspaper into oil, place it in the bottom of the chimney, light the paper to let small charcoal burn first. Prepare for cooking food When the coal is red, add the cooking grid, be sure you are wearing the gloves well, protect your hands, then close the ceramic lid, but keep the top cap and damper open. At this time, you can observe the temperature via the thermometer, brush a little oil on the grid surface, place your food on it, start your barbecue time. Add new coals every 30-60 minutes, it depends on your food cooking time. Don’t close grill lid immediately if just pour the oil directly on the food, it is dangerous.

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Happy barbecue group construction

In order to further improve the cohesion of employees, enhance more exchanges among colleagues and enrich everyone’s spare time life, our company organized a unique outdoor barbecue on November 6th. Delicious chicken wings The following food(chicken wings and  Whole chicken)is we baked in kamado’s grill. It is more delicious, tender than the ordinary grills next to it. Roast Chicken  

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What is kamado

what is kamado , it is not only barbecue ,but also the life ,  kamado is a kind ceramic  grill which offer a different cooking experience. Whether the actual grilling, roasting, smoking,searing  … All this and much more offers this unique grill . you can imagine put one mini ceramic grill in your garden yard . cook some chicken wings with your chilrden . that is fantastic.     Share on linkedin LinkedIn

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